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RCMI Newsletter July 2021

The Hardest Rain in Recorded History

During the fourth week of July, 2021, Hunan Province in Central China was struck with "rare, extreme, exceptionally severe" thunderstorms, which could also have been called the "hardest rains in recorded history." Many cities were flooded. Henan Province was one of the first provinces that RCMI's founder, Pastor Dennis Balcombe and his RCMI team served after coming to China.

The Church of Henan Shares Prayer Needs:

Brothers and Sisters, please pray for the church in Xinxiang: May God guide and protect His people! For the last two days, even more rain has fallen in Xinxiang City than in Zhengzhou, and the depth of water in the city has reached about 1.3 meters (over four feet). In most areas, water and electrical services have been cut off, and people's possessions in low-lying areas have mostly been destroyed by the flooding. Brothers and sisters and their family members are still healthy, and some have been moved to designated locations; but they are in need of water, food, and other daily necessities.

One brother's family of three was surrounded by one-and-a-half-meter-deep water, but after their fellow believers prayed for them they were rescued. A sister who lives on the ground floor had all her things destroyed. Another sister whose front door was destroyed by the flood still has not been able to be contacted by brothers and sisters, ever since communication was cut off. So please pray for them to get out of danger as soon as possible, and that their lives can soon return to normal.

The church in Xinxiang County was established years ago by the preachers, brothers, and sisters of China Gospel Fellowship. It has a 20-year history and has been served now for many years by the RCMI team, who have donated Bibles and other things. Pastor Dennis has ministered there, and coworkers from Pastor Liu's church in Wuhan in Hubei Province have also served there for many years. This area is quite poor, so restoring things to their original condition will take some time. Right now the church in Wuhan is raising money to help them rebuild.

Present conditions in various flood-stricken areas are different; at present many areas are still under water. According to a report from a former Bible school student, at this stage they don't lack material goods, which are being sent to them from all over the country. The important issue right now is how they will rebuild after the flood -- how they can be sure their houses are safe. Also, farmers lost a lot of their crops. We will keep our eyes and ears open for news from different places, and I'll report any new developments to you.

the Henan Church -- served many years by RCMI, who sent them Bibles and other supplies.

Covid-19 Continues to Spread in E-Country

E-Country Missionary Paul has tested positive for the Covid-19 Delta variant.

On July 18th, E-Country missionary Paul had just arrived at the Hong Kong Airport. When he was tested for Covid-19, unfortunately the result was positive for the Delta variant, and they sent him to the hospital for quarantine and treatment. Thank God, after urgent prayer was requested, there was a great response from brothers and sisters who prayed for Brother Paul. The following is the record of his response, full of gratefulness and God's grace:

Paul's response: Thank you for your prayers! Today I'm in the quarantine center. My whole body hurts and feels weak, but I have no fever. Today the hospital will x-ray me and test my blood to see If it's that very infectious Covid-19 variant. The hospital says they need to keep me under close observation in the hospital for at least a few days!

The Third Day: Today I feel much better; my body doesn't hurt anymore, But I still need to keep on taking medicine, and every day I have to have an anti-coronavirus vaccine and antibiotic IV for an hour. Also, I need to take another x-ray today -- they're sticking close by me to follow up my condition! The food they provide is also very good. I thank God that some of the medical workers are Christians!

July 23: Thank you for your concern and your prayers! Today I feel much better, but I still have a cold and a cough. Yesterday the doctor said I've accumulated phlegm in the bottom of my lungs. I can't cough it out, but some medicine I'm taking will help me to get it out by breathing deeply and expanding my lungs. They are still taking my blood for testing, and today they found my thyroid hormone is a bit low, so I'm taking meds now to deal with that. When I was admitted to the hospital, they gave me a thorough physical examination, thank God!

Thank you all for your prayers and attention! I'm feeling better and a lot more alert. After taking medicine for three days my pain was gone, but it also made me feel tired. Hospital staff are with me constantly, taking care of me, giving me medicine, taking blood samples to see if my liver or any other body function has been damaged. I feel I have been very favored, and I feel very grateful!

Sincerely, Paul

Missionary to E-Country

Paul Undergoing Medical Treatment!

RCMI is cooperating with Nexus Mission.

Bangladesh and Pakistan are facing the continued rapid spread of the extremely infectious Delta variant of the coronavirus in neighboring India. RCMI and Nexus Mission are joining hands for a project providing a total of 20,000 masks:

Pakistan - An Orphanage Receives Masks

Bangladesh - A Church Has Received Masks

Bangladesh -- The Risk of COVID-19 vs the Risk of Starvation

Unemployed construction worker Mohammed Nimes waits for a train in Dhaka amid tens of thousands of other travelers. He is going back to his village. He knows he risks getting COVID-19, but he also knows the next lockdown will happen at a moment's notice ... and the risks of staying in the city are even greater.

Nimes said, "Even though I can't find work here, I still have to pay rent every month; and since I can't pay on time, the landlord is always after me. It's a struggle for me just to get enough to eat. I'd rather go home to my village; life will be a little bit better there."

Bangladesh - Unemployed Construction Workers

Eid al-Adha is an Islamic festival commemorating Ibrahim's (Abraham's) willingness to follow Allah's command to sacrifice his son.

Bangladeshis numbering in the tens of millions are shopping and traveling! The government has allowed strict pandemic lockdowns to be suspended for eight days during this Muslim festival of Eid al-Adha. Hygiene professionals have criticized the temporary suspension and warn that it may cause a continued sharp increase in the infection rate of the coronavirus's severe Delta variant, which is already on the rampage in neighboring India. The government has announced all restrictions will be lifted from July 15th through the 23rd and everything opened up so that the people can celebrate this holiday, which is very important to the nation's economy.

Bangladesh - Lockdown Lifted for 8 Days During Eid-al Adha Festival

Heavenly Father, You once said, "I myself will shepherd My sheep so they can lie down in safety. I will search out the lost; I will bring back those who have been driven away; I will bind up the injured; and I will heal the sick."

Heavenly Father, help our lost homeland of China - the brothers and sisters in Henan Province, so that our homeland and the church can be rebuilt soon, and they can continue to meet together again! Let the pandemic in Pakistan and Bangladesh be brought under control and may the good news of the Gospel be preached everywhere! We ask this in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen!

Pastor Daniel Hu



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