RCMI Newsletter Auguest 2020

Japan Vision + Thirty-six Years of Interactive Missionary Work -- Loving One Another - Pastor and Missionary Ruth Pong

Dear Brothers and Sisters of RCMI,

Paul was in prison -- a messenger in chains. The chains limited him physically, and he was now elderly, in the sunset of his life, yet here he penned God's mysteries in dignified language. (The work of RCMI has not been limited by the coronavirus.)

"Now I want you to know, brothers, that the things which happened to me have turned out rather for the progress of the Gospel." Phil 1:12.

"I thank my God every time I remember you, always in every request of mine on behalf of you all making my requests with joy..." (Phil 1:3-4)

Paul's relationship with the Philippian church was full of interaction and mutual love. Not only that, the Philippian church had been in full partnership with Paul since the very first day (Phil 1:5) -- whether in the gospel ministry, in relationship, in life, in service ... in every way, he and the Philippian Church were invested in each other. This is truly the Grace of God!

These thirty-six years of interaction and mutual love shared between Pastor Ruth Pong and RCC are a truly beautiful testimony of a missionary and her sending church! Thanks be to God! Below is Pastor Ruth Pong's Newsletter:

Dr. Violet Kiteley, Founder of Shiloh Church,

Prophesies Over Pastor Ruth Pong

Pastor Ruth Pong Sent in 1991 by RCC to Japan

Dear RCMI, RCC, Pastor Dennis, Pastor Samuel, all the coworkers, brothers, and sisters,

Peace to you all! Last November we merged our church group with several 'pastor less' Japanese. They are all simple, earnest believers who love the Lord but whose churches had broken up and dispersed. Of course, they have all brought their church backgrounds with them, so right now we are in a period of adjustment regarding everyone's ways and forms of doing things.

Brothers and sisters of the church together with local seekers,

friends, and visitors from overseas.

In March of this year, Pastors Samuel and Sharon came to visit us, and everyone was very thankful for their encouraging messages and the good times of sharing. By God's grace, we have been able very inexpensively to rent/borrow a room for our Sunday meetings in a nice commercial building next to the bus station. However, since April, as we have been facing this pandemic trial, we have been having all our meetings online except two times that we actually met together in person. Despite this, all things work together for good and fit into God's good plan! Other than for pastoring the flock, we are using this different, convenient, online way to 'do church'; and actually this way gives us even more opportunities than before to contact friends who are not yet believers and people interested in the gospel. Another matter is that our church is still asking God to lead us and show us where we can have our own place.

Pastors Samuel's and Sharon's Visit, March 2020.

Overall, as political situations all over the world are getting more and more chaotic, we can feel an urgency in our spirits that even worse crises are on the verge of breaking out in different places. Besides, the pandemic is not going away, so people feel helpless and filled with anxiety about the future, but we all know that the Lord is coming back soon! May the Holy Spirit move mightily to prepare people's hearts to receive the Gospel, to bring revival in these Last Days! Amen!


Pastor Ruth Pong, Osaka, Japan

Missionary Paul's Newsletter from E-Country, Middle East -- “Five Loaves and Two Fishes” Bulletin

The Pandemic in E-Country

Dear Friends in RCMI and RCC,

Peace to you all!

Thank you!

God is certainly a Merciful and Gracious Lord! From the beginning, the "Five Loaves and Two Fishes" Project, there has always been more than enough for us to keep on helping those in need! If I had to rely on my own ability, this would have been impossible. But thank God for brothers and sisters in the Lord who walk with us and have one heart with us, helping and offering with grateful hearts to Him -- as the Scripture says, "He who has a generous eye will be blessed, For he gives of his bread to the poor." (Prov 22:9)

We are helping young garbage-dump scavengers and 38 poor families in the slums on the outskirts of E-Country's capital city. One young lady we are helping had her foot injured in an accident and an operation; but she and her mother didn't have any income for a few months, so we are helping her pay for her physiotherapy. Also, we are helping believers' families with their living and medical expenses, and also helping two orphanages -- a boys' orphanage with 40 people and a girls' orphanage with 18. In 'C' city we are helping two people suffering from cancer who didn't have the funds to get medical treatment.

A sister in the Lord helps the girl with a foot injury and shares God's love with her family.

St. Abraham's Church, established 40 years ago during the Islamic Revolution, has operated until the present. Here we are helping the handicapped with living expenses, also orphans, widows, and poor families, especially with medical expenses and tuition for poor students.

St. Vartan's Church is an Armenian church established after the Islamic Revolution, where we are helping about two dozen poor families and elderly believers with necessary daily supplies, food, and medicine.

Supporting Orphans

Under the totalitarian government there is no foreign aid, but instead people are constantly faced with economic sanctions and inflation -- their lives are miserable! May E-Country receive God's grace and mercy so that in their hopelessness, people see the True Light! Our volunteers include both believers and unbelievers; May what they are doing be done to Jesus, and may their families live under His blessing and protection. All glory be to God our Father! Amen.

May God bless all the brothers and sisters who pray for us and give to us!

Sincerely from

Missionary Paul Wong and team,

Servant of E-Country


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