RCMI Newsletter June 2020

2020 06 Middle East (E. City) Missionary

Brother Paul's Newsletter - Urgent Bulletin

Jesus said, “Have the people sit down.” John 6: 10

Dear RCMI and RCC friends,

Greetings! Thank you very much, brothers and sisters, for your offerings! We hurried to change them into local currency and, just like last time, took baskets of food to the slums and gave them to the people scavenging from trash dumps, very poor families, etc. We also sent food baskets to 'C' City on the seacoast in the northern part of 'KM,' 160 km from where I live, and to slum families in 'M' City 1000 km away.

Of course, we also are continuing to help brothers and sisters in the Lord with food baskets and financial assistance. Brother Vincent's father discovered an extremely needy family in a poor neighborhood of 'E' city and helped them; they received a cash donation from us.

Because our relief work is not being conducted in the open, I can't share a lot of details with you all, just a few. We are helping fourteen Christian families -- at least thirty people -- in five different cities. Among these are a grandmother living with her granddaughter, a single mother with two children, a father who suddenly lost his income and ability to support his family due to cancer, an elderly woman living alone, a family that couldn't pay for an operation, and so on.

Serving in secret

Thank you for your support

Testimony: A Grandmother's Prayer

Three generations of this E. City family have been part of the same church. Last year, the choral group their son is in was in a special concert. When a family's generations stay faithful to God through the years, they have a wonderful testimony.

But recently their life became difficult, and they experienced a time of hardship such as the family had never before experienced. The day before our coworker distributed the "Five Loaves and Two Fish" food baskets, the grandma had discovered they didn't have any rice or bread left; and that evening she prayed fervently the Lord would provide food for her little granddaughter. Who would have thought that prayer would be answered the next day -- the Lord Jesus is so real! Those who trust in Him will never be ashamed! When our coworker learned what their situation was, we gave them a donation to buy the food they needed for the granddaughter and other family members.

You responded and the prayers of the little girl and her grandmother were heard! ... because the Bible says, "Whoever believes in him will not be disappointed" (Romans 10:11).

Distribution of "Five loaves and two Fish"

In 'M' City, a thousand km from where Missionary Paul is, there are a thousand families in the slum, now in the midst of despair. Maybe they've been praying to the God they believe in ... but they're still waiting. Among them are many granddaughters, grandmothers, and grandfathers. Let's go bring them hope! Together with Missionary Paul, let's go be the hand of the Lord Jesus, comforting them and providing the food they need!

Student of E City

Scenery of E City

We would like to invite you again to join with us to send food baskets to their doorsteps. Our coworkers can then go and share love with them! Thank you all so much for your support, offerings, and especially for your prayers! We're asking God to send us brothers and sisters in need and poor families, because He is Our Provider! The "Five Loaves and Two Fish" Project is according to His heart's desire. May He bless, and may He use your "five loaves and two fish"; and may He give us the power to bring things that do not yet exist into being -- the compassion of God on mankind! His glory is in E City!


from Mission Team with Paul Wong in E City


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