RCMI Newsletter July 2020

Faithful pastors led faithful followers who imitated their pastors' example and faithfully served the Lord.

Pastor Wei was already working with Pastor Dennis in the early 1980s, assisting him in training in rural churches in China.

Dear Dear Partners of Revival Church and RCMI,

Pastor Wei and his wife have served the Lord for more than 40 years. They were among the earliest co-workers of Revival Church in Hong Kong, brothers and sisters who were active in transporting Bibles to China in the early days and who faithfully followed Pastor Balcombe's teaching and calling. They, together with Mack and Evelyn, pastor at Revival Church in Guangzhou, Guangdong.

Brothers and Sisters Transporting Bibles to China

Among those faithful brothers and sisters was Sister Xiao Min, who had believed in the Lord for 8 years. She said Pastor Wei and his wife never tired of running this race of faith, gently teaching and serving with their whole hearts. Missionaries Mack and his wife, called by God, moved from Shenzhen to serve Revival Church in Guangzhou. The selfless dedication of these two pastoral couples and their single-hearted reliance on the Lord became good examples of faithfulness, commitment, and revival to all the church members.

Revival Church, Guangzhou

Guangzhou Revival Church is a home full of love. This home exudes the fragrance of Christ and enables us to learn to look to and rely on the Lord at all times. Even the road is narrow, we can do everything by relying on the Lord who strengthens us, and on our family in Him!

At the beginning of this year, the pandemic suddenly hit, and everyone was in danger. It was hard to find even one mask in the market, and they seemed more precious than the air itself! But God (It was God!) moved Pastor Shan and Pastor Wei to ask me to send a shipment of masks to Lebanon. I -- someone without any prior experience in foreign trade -- thank the Lord for training me through this situation! The endless details and red tape made me want to cry till I had no tears left; but in the church is Sister Amy, whose English is great, to help us get through translation problems. Also sisters of the church, Minzhen, Axia, and Huanhuan all gave a great deal of encouragement and help. We successfully sent 17,450 masks to Lebanon, Pakistan, South Africa, Malaysia, the United States, Australia and other countries. I've come to know on a deep level how helping brothers and sisters in different countries enjoy God's protection is the hope and desire of Revival Christian Church and Nexus Mission!

Sincerely from Pastor Wei and his wife, Missionary Mack and his wife, and Sister Xiao Min

Revival Christian Church, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province

With your encouragement and help, we have successfully sent masks from China to other countries.

Masks sent to Pakistan

News from Brother Paul, Missionary to E-Country in the Middle East: "Five Loaves and Two Fishes" Bulletin

E-Country Pandemic - Second Wave

Dear friends in RCMI and Revival Church, Peace to you!

Due to continuing outbreaks of the virus and no flights, I was easily able to extend my visa until June. But then because flights to Hong Kong resumed, I had to apply for a visa. At the most difficult time when there seemed to be no way, the Lord gave me hope; and I thank Him that in early July, I obtained a visa for a few more months.

I hope I can stay in E-Country while the Five Loaves and Two Fishes Project is continuing so I can do more for the needy and for all the brothers and sisters in the Lord. Last week I arrived from the capital in CR City, 1800 kilometers away, a seaside town in the southernmost part of E-Country. There I stayed with in a Chinese family that badly needed encouragement and shepherding; and I thank them for their hospitality and for helping me get my visa. Thank God, I was able to be there with them to bless them just at the time they most needed support and encouragement. When I return, I want to go to M City to see a slum where 1,000 families live and pray for them!

With the Kind People of E-Country

The epidemic situation in E-Country is still severe. In the past week, more than one hundred people died every day. The Five Loaves and Two Fishes Project is continuing. The funds remitted last time have been used up and we are ready to receive another donation from the church! We've already discussed with local coworkers how we will continue to provide assistance in the form of food baskets, purchase of medicines and some cash support for people in city C on the seaside 160 km north of where I live, slum families of M city 1,000 km from me, people who scavenge to survive and other poor families in the capital, and brothers and sisters in the Lord and their family members.

Thank you, Brothers and Sisters of Revival Church, for your help!

In order to provide more practical help, we call this the "Bread Voucher Program". We send bread vouchers to slum residents, who can use them to get free bread at designated bakeries. Food baskets contains rice, macaroni, soybeans, ketchup, oil, tea, sugar, and other bean products. Recently prices have fluctuated drastically. We hoped prices would drop before we buy more rice; but the epidemic is heating up again, and every day there are more deaths. For the safety of our volunteers, we have had to stop some distribution operations!

Because of your generous donations, we can continue to prepare hot meals, salads, and drinks for 60 orphans every Friday.

Food baskets include rice, macaroni, soybeans, ketchup, oil, tea, sugar and other bean products.

Distributing Food Baskets to Poor Families

Another team is supporting families who belong to the Lord. In K City, 52 kilometers northwest of the capital, they have been helping 8 families. Also, they were helping 7 other families living in 3 other cities, as well as the elder brother of Mark (a brother in the Lord) with his eye surgery expense, another mother and daughter with living expenses, three sisters' tuition costs, and others.

"Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, will be poured into your lap. For with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you." (Luke 6:38)

We pray our Heavenly Father reveal the promises of His Word to those brothers and sisters who pray for and give to us!

Sincerely, Missionary Paul Wong and team

Servant of E-Country

Poor People Who Have Never Known the Lord

Distributing Food Baskets to Poor Families


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