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2020 03 RCMI Voice of Missionary

Mack and Evelyn and Jeremy

Mack and Evelyn are a missionary couple in Southern China who serve with RCMI's Church Development focus. They minister in a branch church of Revival Christian Church in China and also teach music and worship throughout China. Originally from Hong Kong, Mack and Evelyn immigrated to Canada in the late 90's, where Matthew graduated with music degree from Alberta Prairie Bible College.

Besides having to face unstable and increasingly oppressive religious policy, missionaries living in China have to deal with visa requirements and many other challenges in daily life. Many times they would like to witness openly for the Lord; but because they are staying long-term, they have to be very careful not to say things that may get their visas cancelled ... they would be forced to leave the country. Missionaries have to take care of themselves and also to see to the education of their children. Sending their children ("MK's" or "mish kids") to an international school is often a great financial burden for them.

Jeremy is an MK who studies at a private, Bible-based boarding home school in southern China. The letter below includes what happened to him recently:

News from Mack

“Behold, he that keepeth Israel shall neither slumber nor sleep.” Psalms 121:4 KJV

"I am safe; don't worry; and call me if you have time." This was the upsetting text I received in May from Jeremy, my youngest son.

It was May, 2019. Early in the morning, I was shocked by the above message that appeared on my phone. Jeremy had been attending boarding school at their campus as usual; he would not send this message without a good reason. Sensing something was wrong, I immediately tried to call him but was not able to get through, partially due to poor cell coverage. I tried to text his teachers to see if they were fine and was fortunate to get hold of one of them within 15 minutes. She replied saying that Jeremy was fine and was on his way back to his home-stay parents' place, an hour and a half from the school. I was relieved; but at the same time, I knew something unusual had happened to him. All I could do was to pray and wait.

In the afternoon, approximately four hours after I received the message, I was able to talk to Jeremy on the phone. After the conversation, I felt so thankful to God for his faithfulness--that He had kept my son from adversity. To make a long story short, it had started with that private Christian home school operation--the one Jeremy is attending. The school had been raided by the Chinese police and Religious Affairs Bureau on the third Monday of May with allegations of illegal operation. The police and other officials had come to the campus that Monday afternoon and had taken about twelve of the staff and fifteen students to the police office for further questioning. But before they'd rounded up all those present at the campus, Jeremy and two other boys had fled by climbing out of the window and sneaking out through the gate. They'd hid in the woods for almost an hour until they were told it was safe to go back to the school. As a result of the incident, the campus was closed, and the school decided to end the school year one month early. All students have to relocate and continue their activities for another school year with an extremely low profile. Please pray for the safety of Jeremy and his school. He is in his final year of high school in China and will be pursuing his post-secondary education in Canada next year.

Mack and RCC Pastor Matthew ministry music camp

on an island in Southern China

Mack teaches keyboard


Mack currently instruct twenty students in electronic keyboard training, and I also make trips to other provinces to give worship keyboard training. In the summer, together with fifteen short-term mission participants, I conducted a five-day music camp on an island in Southern China with one hundred thirty attendees. It was a tough week because we had to move from place to place to keep from being discovered by the authorities. By God's grace we were able to accomplish all the goals of the camp, bit by bit.

Thank you for your support, and please keep us in your prayers.

Mack, Evelyn and Jeremy

A Missions Platform: Joining Hands with Nexus Mission

The Chinese Church has a clear vision and a clear call to mission in the Middle East. Revival Christian Church sends missionaries, financial support, mission teams, and goods of all kinds (containers which include daily use items, warm clothing, furniture, musical instruments, etc, sent to refugees in the greatest need); but the most important thing we can do there is to provide the Word of God and comprehensive Bible teaching for Chinese missionaries, local coworkers, and new disciples.

RCMI and Nexus Mission raises 40-foot container

supply to Middle East to help refugees.

Mission Team from Revival Christian Church ministry in Middle East.

Having undertaken the "Donkeys for Jesus" project when China first opened to the outside world, RCMI delivered millions of Bibles and Bible teaching books to China and took thousands of pastors and missionaries from Asia and all over the world to China, serving and teaching the Chinese church with pure doctrine. RCMI feels proud of the work God has done among us in the past and are grateful we could play a part in His plan for China. However, we have not now come to the end; rather we stand at the beginning of a new stage: we are transitioning from 'Mission for China' to 'China for Mission'; from the 'Gospel Going Into China' to the 'Gospel Coming From China.'

"Donkeys for Jesus" project

RCMI delivered millions of Bibles and Bible teaching books to China

Paris Revival Christian Church mission team visit the Nexus Center

Teach children to know the true God from an early age

Antioch Church in the Middle East

Pastor Dennis's sending church in the United States, Shiloh Church, and pastors from Revival Christian Church in Hong Kong held a retreat for the coworkers of Antioch Church in the Middle East. They are a group of Muslim background believers who have believed in Jesus for anywhere from a few months to a few years. It was the first time they had taken communion and the first time the church had received a tithe offering. Most of them were believers from among the refugees. They willingly gave of the little they had and received the benefits of Jesus' body and blood through communion. Communion has always been a very simple rite of the universal church; yet when we took part there in the Middle East, we were greatly moved because we were seeing the fulfillment of part of the "China to Mission" story!

In the past, RCMI has needed to join hands with you to take the Gospel to China; now we need the same partnership with both you and the Chinese church to take the gospel to the world, to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord!

Mission Team from Revival Christian Church visit the Church of Antioch

Visiting refugee camps

Pastors from Shiloh and Revival Christian Church ministry in the retreat of the Church of Antioch.

We are inviting you to join us in bringing our offerings large and small for the sake of His Kingdom. We need your participation and support! The mission of the Lord Jesus for the Chinese is still largely unfulfilled.

"Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all things that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, even to the end of the age" (Matthew 28:19-20).

Yours in Christ,

Pastors Samuel and Sharon Lau

Revival Chinese Ministries International


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