RCMI Newsletter September 2021

From the First Day Until Now

From the First Day Until Now: Mission to China; China to Mission: Undertaking the Challenge and Joining Hands; Advancing Together to Create the Future

"...thankful for your partnership in the Gospel from the first day until now." Philippians 1:5

Respected Pastors, Elders, and Coworkers, Blessings!

Revival Chinese Ministries International (RCMI) Malaysia is holding an online conference with the theme:

"From the First Day Until Now": Mission to China,

China to Mission - Undertaking the Challenge and Joining Hands;

Advancing Together to Create the Future.

Revival Chinese Ministries International has served in China and worldwide. We cordially invite you to take part in this conference, hosted and led by founding pastor Rev. Dennis Balcombe and his RCMI team. Through this conference we desire to come to know you, and we hope that you will become a partner with us in mission to China and to the world; and at the same time, we also want to thank our partners who have been supporting us for many years. Let's all get together at this time so that we can share with you our recent ministry, join hands, and move forward in a new endeavor!

Online Conference Date: 22 October 2021 (Friday). Conference Time: 8-10 p.m. (Beijing/Malaysia); 2-4 p.m. (Paris, France).

Please be punctual! Also, please feel free to extend this invitation to other pastors and coworkers who have a burden for missions. (Due to time constraints the conference will be conducted in Mandarin only; translation will not be provided.)

In Malaysia please contact: Preacher Matthias Lee Chee Wah at +60133523505

Those wishing to participate from other countries please email Sister Sybil Lam at rcmihkg@rcchk.org / or contact WeChat kwokmei818 / WhatsApp +852 91770950

Contact telephone: 852-23804475

A Tourist From Saudi Arabia Visiting Malaysia

An Important Gateway - Malaysia

In the last 40 years or so in Asia, Christians have increased in number more than at any prior time in history. The Asian country of Malaysia is unique, having many nationalities, religions, and languages living together harmoniously. Churches in Malaysia, Hong Kong, and China have essentially the same vision and direction for evangelism. Malaysia's location in Asia is strategic; in the past Malaysia has helped serve China and is now continuing to do so. In recent years China has become an economic power and a missions-sending country. The role of Malaysia and Hong Kong is to serve, support, and partner with the Church of China to help her fulfill her divine purpose. The three of us all need one another as partners to fulfill the Great Commission!

Hong Kong's Wide Gap

Between the Rich And the Poor

Greetings from Hong Kong to you all!

The last few years Hong Kong has gone through the most severe social unrest and fracturing that it has ever experienced since becoming a port. However, Christ is our Refuge from the storm, our ever-present Help! Revival Christian Church and Revival Chinese Ministries International commit to keep on shining our light for the Lord in Hong Kong: we will keep our lamp on its lamp stand so the Lord's light continues to shine in Hong Kong!

During the past 2 years, due to the twin crises of socio-political upheaval and COVID-19, the number of Hong Kong's poor have increased sharply. In December 2020 the Global Times reported Hong Kong had almost 1.5 million living in poverty -- one in every five of the population. A single mother told us, "We've never tried having a birthday party. My daughter is 4 years old, and we haven't ever celebrated her birthday because we have to do our utmost to keep our expenses down and reduce our burden."

Hong Kong child

Revival Christian Church - RCC Neighborhood Center

Every week we distribute food packets to our needy neighbors. But we don't consider only their physical needs; we also bring the Gospel to heal the wounded hearts of all our friends and neighbors.

Coworkers and Volunteers Preparing Food Packets

Jesus Can Heal the Torn and Wounded

Good News For Every Hong Kong Friend

Newsletter from Pastor Scott Hung,

Kaohsiung Revival Christian Church & The Carpenter's House

Greetings to all from The Carpenter's House, Kaohsiung

Dear Pastors of Revival Christian Church and RCMI,

When we believed in the Lord as young people in Revival Christian Church's big family, the seeds of evangelism were planted in us. We heard Pastor Dennis's sharing and testimonies and saw what is recorded in the New Testament; and in our hearts we were always thinking, Lord, use me! Lord, revive this land! Not long afterwards, we had the chance to come and minister in Taiwan. As we kept on praying, my wife and I were strongly moved in the direction of community living, like what you see in the New Testament, caring for orphans and widows in trouble.

So we stepped out bravely and started a 24-hour-a-day ministry, living together with the disadvantaged. Every day we worshipped and prayed together, cooked our meals together, taught the children, etc. Later more people began coming, and more kinds of people -- battered wives, children, the terminally or mentally ill, physically handicapped, and so on. That's when the matters of income and pastoring became our greatest challenges.

Serving the Disadvantaged in 24-Hour Communal Living

Serving the Disadvantaged in 24-Hour Communal Living

Thank God, He is our Help! Just at the time we need it, God measures His provision out to us for all of our different needs, such as qualified people to manage production, relationship counselors, pastors who teach the Bible -- all are willing to come and help and establish this good work, so we thank and praise the Lord! The Carpenter's House at present has 90 members ranging in age from 2 to 85. We are all believers in the Lord, and we live joyfully every day.

But in the last two years, the global pandemic has cut our income to one third of what used to be normal. So please pray for the income of this family; and if God moves you, please everyone also donate. May God's grace flow down to each little one! And when the pandemic is over, we would like you to come to Kaohsiung, Taiwan, visit our big family here at the Carpenter's House, and stay with us for a few days. You will be moved more than words can say!

Pastor Scott Hung & Maggie Kwok

In the future, Revival Chinese Ministries International (RCMI) will continue establishing strategic partnerships, cooperating with Christian churches and organizations everywhere, pooling our strengths and jointly promoting the vision of "Mission to China, China to Mission." We will work tirelessly together to raise up God's great Last Day evangelistic army. We need your prayers, support, and wholehearted involvement so that, working together with one heart and supporting one another, we will be accomplishing more of what is impossible with man -- to the end that our Lord gets all the glory!

With warm regards,

Dennis Balcombe,

Lifetime Honorary Chairman

Revival Chinese Ministries International (RCMI)

Revival Chinese Ministries International (Hong Kong) Board of Directors:

Samuel Lau, Chairman

Bill Lee, Chief Financial Officer

Samuel Cheng and Daniel Wu, Secretaries

Revival Chinese Ministries International (U.S.A) Board of Directors:

Samuel Lau, Chairman

Javier Ramos, Chief Financial Officer

Daniel Wu, Secretary


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