RCMI Newsletter November 2020

The 51st Anniversary of the Founding of Revival Christian Church

The 41st Anniversary of the Founding of Revival Chinese Ministries International

Revival Chinese Ministries International (RCMI) began operating in 1979. We began taking Bibles into China, calling the operation "Donkeys for Jesus." Thousands of believers from all over the world felt moved to come to Hong Kong to carry Bibles numbering in the millions to China. You may have been one of those "donkeys," or perhaps one of the ministry's financial supporters -- and if so I want to express my deepest thanks to you! Nevertheless, even at the present time China's need for Bibles, spiritual books, and teaching and training materials is very great.  

Chinese Believers Reading the Bible

RCMI has an ambitious vision, but at the same time by God's grace serves in a stable, dependable way -- whether we are serving a Chinese church, taking Bibles to China, planting a church in Hong Kong and China, or doing anything else -- everything moves forward in the midst of difficulties but covered by God's grace. Below is some sharing by Pastor Bill Lee of Revival Christian Church Rhema:

My wife Louise and I were baptized and joined Revival Christian Church in 1975 and 1977, respectively, when we were still in high school. In 1979 China began to open up, and RCC immediately began their China ministry. In those days we took not a few Bibles into China. In 1999 I began serving full-time in the church; and five years later in 2004, RCC sent me with a team to open up a new church. By September of that year everything was ready, and we held our first Sunday worship service.

July 29, 2015, Summer Activity - Generations Joining Together!

Over the past 10+ years God has constantly watched over us and provided for us. He has continued to add to our number souls He is saving as well as those serving in all different capacities. Now we have about 150 in our regular worship services, which are divided into three sessions because our space is limited: one is for young people, held on Saturday, and two meetings on Sunday. We put great emphasis on nurturing and training believers in small groups, and 80% of our believers are involved in a small group. Besides these groups we have other ministry teams, including the ministry team, children's Sunday school teachers, prayer ministry team, clerks, many kinds of volunteer work, finance committee, and so on.) For all these, besides thanking God, we're also grateful to the elders, the pastoral team, the coworkers, and the small group leaders for their faithful commitment to service. Now the pandemic is affecting the whole world, when we can't hold in-person meetings, we are holding our worship and small group meetings online so that believers can continue to fellowship and care for one another without interruption.

 May 23, 2016 Camp

Rents and real estate prices in Hong Kong are extremely expensive, and it's quite difficult for a church to find a facility in Hong Kong, so please pray for us! However, the place is not the most important thing; and my fervent hope for the future is that RCC Rhema continues to rely on the power of the Holy Spirit, to demonstrate God's love, and to preach the pure Gospel with perseverance; that we continue to make disciples, to train more servants of the Lord, and carry on RCC's vision to send people out. A person's life is limited, and a church's life is also limited; but by multiplying our spiritual heirs, we can keep growing God's family for the future and spread the Gospel far and wide and down through succeeding generations.

Past Bill Lee of Revival Christian Church Rhema

Revival Christian Church Rhema Fifteenth Anniversary Photo 

Combining Our Strength to Promote the Vision of “Mission for China -- China for Mission"

Please continue to participate with us in the Angel Plan supporting the Carpenter's House in Kaohsiung and bring the Gospel to the poorest of the poor: host an angel in your home and receive the reward of those who entertain angels!

Don't forget to show hospitality to strangers, for in doing so, some have entertained angels without knowing it. (Hebrews 13:2)

The Carpenter's House: 

Uncle Gao YuSheng's Testimony

The telephone rang. It was a social worker at the hospital. "Is that the Carpenter's House? Can you take in an old man who tried to commit suicide? None of his family members has showed up to deal with him, and no government-related organization will accept him. He's in pitiful shape ... I hope you can help him ..."

They refuse cases of attempted suicide because the probability is high the person will try to do it again ... and then the government comes, the media comes, and relatives wanting money come out of the woodwork ... plus the fact there's no government subsidy to help such cases ... who wants to make trouble for themselves? But the Carpenter's House is a place outside the 'System': Love does not operate based on the probable outcome, but on the teaching of the Bible. We all need to become 'good neighbors' (as defined in Luke 10:36-37) to the people around us.

Uncle Yusheng When He Was Almost Gone

Uncle Yusheng moved into Carpenter's House. Several years before, while working high up, he fell and many of his bones were broken. He had only very basic medical coverage, but his hospital and medical bills were astronomical. His boss refused to take any responsibility, and all he could do was try to sue him. Finally, his insurance company went ahead and paid his hospital bills, but he had forever lost his ability to work. He and his wife had had three children, but their relationship was never very good; and after growing up his children left the family one by one and didn't contact them anymore. So he and his wife only had each other to depend on for survival; but as he couldn't work, they had no income, so their rent, utility bills and living costs piled up on them, along with all the other pressures; and furthermore Uncle Yusheng began suffering from severe depression. In their despair, the couple decided to bring their hopeless lives to an end by drinking sulfuric acid. His wife died on the spot, but Uncle Yusheng survived ... alone. His body survived, that is; but in his heart he was as if completely dead. That night in the hospital he tried unsuccessfully to commit suicide again. After that, he never had anything but a blank stare on his face -- he became a living dead man.

Sometime after coming to Carpenter's House, when he was still very frail, Uncle Yusheng said to me, "Pastor Scott, when I was young, I was a Christian. Can you tell me, what is the real purpose of life? How can it be like this -- all of my children gone? Why should I still be alive?

As I looked at this undernourished old man weighing under 100 pounds, my brain could only come up with a bunch of reasonable answers: "You don't know how to relate to your children; you have no savings; you didn't buy insurance, you were a Christian only in name..." But such answers wouldn't have helped him at all, so I thought about it again, and decided the best thing to say might be, "I'll pray for you. Don't look down on yourself; you're a prince: In Jesus' Name, get up and walk! Don't worry..." But it seemed that even these words would do no good. He had nothing to hope for, and I said nothing -- we just stood there in silence. During this time, I was praying that God would give me words that would help him! 

Caring For Elderly Dementia Patients

Uncle Yusheng, what do you like to do? What are you interested in? I do it together with you, okay? He thought a minute and told me he liked fishing. But he really was too weak and thin to go to the seaside to fish -- it would be too dangerous for him. So, we talked and decided to go and do indoor fishing for shrimp.

It used to be that the only reason he went out was to go to the hospital, but now Uncle Yusheng was going to the shrimp fishing place in a wheelchair. He was really far too thin and weak, but with all the strength he got from drinking some milk, he could barely hold the fishing rod up -- he didn't even have the strength to pull the shrimp up out of the water. When he got a shrimp on his line, a coworker came running over beside him, got a fish net and brought the shrimp up. Then another coworker knew it was about time to come over and help Uncle Yusheng put nutrient fluid into his digestive tract. The whole scene was quite strange, and other customers there were giving us strange looks. The lady behind the counter couldn't help coming over for a chat, and after hearing Uncle Yusheng's story she gave us a pound or so of shrimp to take home to eat. Of course, Uncle Yusheng couldn't eat any, but that was the first day I saw him smile.

Sometime later, Uncle Yusheng came again and asked me, "Please help me tell the doctor I'd like to have esophagus reconstruction surgery -- and what conditions do I have to meet?" The doctor required him to gain weight -- he had to weigh at least 100 pounds and be able to walk steadily. For Uncle Yusheng this was no small matter. But now he wants to live -- and every day, he lives with all the vigor he can!

Uncle Yusheng -- Alive!

Uncle Yusheng's life isn't over yet -- in fact it has just begun. His body is still feeble -- he still can't eat by himself. His weight is still less than 90 pounds, and his children still haven't shown up. His exterior environment hasn't changed at all, but now he doesn't want to commit suicide; he wants to live. It's because he's found family that aren't related to him by blood; he's found his lost faith. He sees heaven is open for him, and his heart has opened up too. We've become one another's good neighbors. Invite this angel, Uncle Yusheng, into your home, and take part in the Carpenter's House Angel Project, and receive the reward of those who entertain angels!


Pastor Scott Kong and RCMI

The Carpenter's House, Kaohsiung


Kaohsiung Revival Christian Church


RCMI and The Carpenter's House are joining hands and establishing the Angel Project. We are putting out the call -- let's bring our willing, eager offerings; together let's obtain the reward of those who entertain angels! 

Don't forget to show hospitality to strangers, for in doing so, some have entertained angels without knowing it. (Hebrews 13:2)

The Carpenter's House Family

At this time The Carpenter's House has about 90 residents. We want to keep these family members here with us and help them live life with meaning and dignity, but the work needs your support! So, as you support these angelic members of the Carpenter's House family, may God give you the reward of those who entertain angels!

Ways to Donate:

1. Support one family member of Carpenter's House for one meal, HK $12 (US $1.60) a day, or HK $360 (US $ 48) a month.

2. Provide living expenses for one family member for five days: HK $300 (US $ 40), which includes room & board and medical costs.

3. A one-time gift of $ ____.

If you have any inquiries, please contact Sister WaWa Sung at The Carpenter's House by phone, WhatsApp, Line, or Signal: +886 988 778 332

Donation in Hong Kong:

Revival Chinese Ministries: Please Designate your offering for the 'Angel Project.'

Donation in Taiwan:

Bank Name: Taiwan Cooperative Bank TACBTWTP524

Account No: 5746-717-314026

Name of Payee: Life Spring Holistic Care Association

Donation from Overseas:



Account No: 5746-717-314026


Name and address of Payee: Life Spring Holistic Care Association, No.350, Dazhuang Rd., Gangshan Dist., Kaohsiung City 820, Taiwan (R.O.C.)


My offering:

Online Donation:

Paypal www.paypal.me/rcmi

Other Donation methods:


Cheques Donation: You are welcome to send your love offering to support the Chinese Churches through our ministries in China to your nearest RCMI office. Please have your gift clearly designated on the memo line, or with a note enclosed. A receipt will be sent to you.

For other ways to donate, please go to:

http://revivalchinese.wixsite.com/chinese /get-involved

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