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May 28, 2023

When the Chinese government opened the country to foreigners in wearly 1978, Dennis Balcombe jumped at the chance to visit. After basing his ministry out of Hong Kong for nearly ten years, he was eager to finally proclaim the gospel in the country he had come to serve. In less than a year he was meeting house-church leaderss and supplying them with Bibles for inland distribution, a path that would eventually lead to his arrest......

February 23, 2023


"One Journey One Nation: Autobiography of Dennis Balcombe Missionary to China"

January 03, 2023

From the age of 16, Dennis Balcombe knew that he would be a missionary to China, even though it was then a communist nation and closed to the West. In 1969, he moved from his home state of California to Hong Kong and there established his base of operations. When mainland China reopened its doors to the West in the 1970s, Dennis Balcombe was one of the first missionaries to enter the country. Don’t miss reading the compelling story of Dennis Balcombe, the American who was "born for China.”

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